9/6/2023 Community Board

By Janelle Seyferth posted 21 days ago


Our weekly Community Board provides a short list of non-Davidson opportunities that might benefit your Young Scholar family, such as gifted programs, engaging events, and great resources for bright families. Here are the latest opportunities in this week's edition of the Community Board. You are always welcome to suggest a program or highlight other resources as well! For Young Scholar or Davidson-specific events, check out our Upcoming Events. 

Please note that the decision to participate in any programs or opportunities listed below is entirely up to you. The Davidson Institute neither encourages nor discourages you from taking part and has no control over any part of the process; we are only providing the information.

PyCode Academy - Free Coding Classes and Preparation for National Competitions
PyCode Academy is a free program for students interested in learning Python and participating in programming and computer science competitions. This is a yearlong program which is free (except for a small initial fee to cover expenses) with classes every Saturday. It would be very beneficial for Young Scholars especially those in grades 5-8. The year-round program runs yearly during the school year from October to June. Classes are held Saturday afternoon on Zoom in three sessionsBeginner Programming (Python), Intermediate Programming (USACO Bronze preparation), and ACSL Theory. Students who are proficient in Python, Java, or C/C++ are placed in Intermediate Programming and students with little or no programming experience can join the Beginner Programming classes. All interested students can attend the ACSL Theory classes, and teams for the competition will be formed based on theory and programming performance. See below for more information on curriculum and class times. Click HERE to visit the webpage, and HERE to sign up. 

September Online Support Group Schedule for Parents of Gifted/2e Kids
Parenting a gifted or 2e child can be an overwhelming experience. Especially when it comes to big transitions, like going back to school. When you join our Online Parent Support Group, you will meet other parents and caregivers dealing with the same sorts of challenges you are facing. Our groups offer a safe, non-judgmental space where parents provide one another with empathy, strategies, and support as we discuss such topics as understanding our children's intensities and motivation, navigating power struggles, managing screen time, advocating for our children at school, parental burn-out, and more. Groups are open to parents and caregivers of all gifted and twice exceptional children and teens, and are moderated by Maratea Cantarella, LMSW who is the parent of a 2e young adult. New parents are welcome! Click HERE to learn more and to register. 

Raising An Organized Kid, Virtual Executive Functioning Course for Parents
Do you feel overwhelmed by your family's expanding list of after-school activities? Are you up late helping your child finish a project that's due tomorrow? Registration is now open for our popular Executive Functioning Course for parents, Fridays starting October 6, virtually via Zoom. Led by Deanna Kim, M.Ed., our long-time educational therapist and executive functioning expert, this course will allow parents to develop their own family roadmap to stay organized. Sessions will focus on planning through the use of a family calendar, time management, establishing routines, sustaining attention, how to work through the homework frustrations, and emotional regulation. Register Now! or Get more information.

Chess Mentorship with Ronen Har-Zvi
We have had an ongoing relationship with Chess Grandmaster Ronen Har-Zvi over the past several years as he has been facilitating online Chess Seminars and mentoring Young Scholars in chess. The programs have been incredibly successful and have given many Young Scholars the opportunity to develop their chess talent with a Grandmaster.  Ronen very much enjoys working with our Young Scholars and has seen some great chess talent. He is once again opening up applications for a chess mentorship to interested Young Scholars. This opportunity is both for Young Scholars who are serious about chess and meet some specific requirements and also for kids that are somewhat newer to chess. Applications are due 9/8/2023.Read the Chess Mentorship Details Here.

Parent-Planned Event: Sailboat Ride/Lesson at Dana Point Harbor                                              WHO: All Young Scholars and their families                                                                                                                                                                        WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd with timeslots starting at 10 am, 11 am and noon
WHERE: Dana Point Harbor, CA
WHAT: Young Scholars and siblings take part in a 1-hour basic sailing ride/lesson aboard a Catalina Capri sailboat with a Westwind Sailing School instructor. If wind conditions permit, each child will get “tiller time” to control the sailboat (with help from the instructor).
Parents choose their preferred timeslot so that their child can sail with (about 3) similar-aged Young Scholars.  The sailboats stay within the scenic harbor for the duration of the rides/lessons (while parents watch from the beach). Westwind Sailing is very safety oriented and has been in operation since 1987. Check out the following videos for a sneak peek of the fun when sailing at Dana Point Harbor:

For more information or to join in, please visit the Davidson Website (DMC). CONTACT: Don at if you have any questions.
Disclaimer: Event arrangements indicate participants are members of Davidson Young Scholars. Please note membership may be assumed by attendees.

Did you know our Family Services shares helpful podcasts, videos, articles, and book recommendations with families? Check out what they’ve recommended that our families can Listen Watch Read!

Why Fathers Cry at Night with Kwame Alexander” –Parent Footprint Podcast 
In this episode of the Parent Footprint podcast, host Dr. Dan Peters invites author and poet Kwame Alexander to discuss the journey of fatherhood. They reflect on their childhoods and relationships with their fathers and now their own children. Throughout this reflection, they point out the generational shift in fatherhood, particularly as it relates to vulnerability. They emphasize the importance of being vulnerable and open with emotions as parents in order to set an example for your children to do the same. 
Want to listen to more? Check out and subscribe to the Davidson Institute Spotify account! This episode is already added to the Advocate Together Listens 2023 playlist!

This interview with ABC News unpacks specific quotes from Alexander’s memoir. Throughout this discussion, Alexander shares his own experiences with navigating vulnerability. He describes his hope that men will resonate with his memoir and be more open to vulnerability in their relationships with themselves and their families. 

Want to watch more? Check out and subscribe to the Davidson Institute YouTube channel!

During this week’s Listen resource, guest Alexander shared his journey to writing this memoir. Throughout the memoir, he shares pieces of his life from his childhood to his early adult experiences that impacted his role of being a father. As he reflects on his experiences, he shares his thoughts on bravery and vulnerability to support other parents in navigating their relationship with their own children.

Want to find more PG and 2e reads? Check out the Davidson Institute’s storefront where we have curated book lists on some of the topics most important to the Young Scholars community. While these books are available from many retailers, all book links above go to and are affiliate links which means your purchase also supports the Davidson Institute's mission and continuing work to support profoundly gifted students and their families.

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